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A Step-by-Step Guide: Figure Out Who’s Hogging Your Bandwidth

One of the most common (and frustrating!) questions a sysadmin needs to answer is: who is hogging all my bandwidth?

The network is slow, users are complaining, and your internet connection is at 100% (again...).  You need to figure out who or what is hogging all the bandwidth, and you need to do it fast. In this article, I'll explain the different methods that are available in different situations, and how to use SNMP, RMON, flow and packet sniffing to track down the culprits.

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If You Use SNMP a Lot and Don't Know What SMI Is, Then You Should Read This!

I wouldn't be surprised if you told me you have fallen in love with SNMP. Because it is so universal in network administration. Because it is a powerful all-round talent that supplies you with nearly every kind of information you need about whatever network device. Surely you love SNMP, if you know how to set it up on your machine. And if you know what OIDs are and what you need MIBs for. And if your setup is fine, SNMP works reliably (at least it should), and you can live happily ever after.

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Multihoming: Things to keep in mind when a computer has more than one IP

Unlike simple work computers, server systems have at least two network cards, rather than four NICs. Likewise, many server computers have several IP addresses, which make them accessible from the network. If a computer system has multiple network addresses, this is referred to as "multihoming". Interestingly, the industry uses this conceptuality for several variations:

  • A redundant address with multiple interfaces
  • A server with multiple addresses on several interfaces
  • Multiple addresses on an interface

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How to use Windows’ built-in IP Address Management Server

One of the more general requirements placed on every administrator is that of always maintaining an overview. Any reasonable person will confirm that this is desirable, yet in practice often difficult - if not impossible. But when it comes to IT and its availability, reason is not always the prevailing quality, and administrators can use every conceivable aid to keep their IT under control.

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How to Keep Your Network Organized with DNS and Subnetting Schemes

In our article "12 Characteristics of a Well-Maintained LAN", we have several items listed. Each item is important, but I'd like to focus on a couple of these items in more detail:

  • Standardized Naming Conventions
  • Well-Designed Network Addressing and Subnetting

You may ask, "Why these two in particular?". Well, in my position as a pre-sales engineer, I encounter problems and issues related to these two fairly frequently.

As a IT professional I've battled these issues from several angles. Both being a slave to a network that evolved organically and to a network planned in way too much detail. Neither approach is ideal but both have merit -- like project management, it can either be part of the solution or part of the problem. I'd like to describe the problems and a solution. 

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2017-Apr-20 in IT Insights

How to Optimize Your Apps for a CDN and Then Monitor the Impact

The following article is the last in our 3-part series about CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). Our guest author, Matt Conran from Network Insight, discusses CDN performance metrics and monitoring, what you can do to optimize your website for CDNs, and which strategy is better for CDNs: build or buy?

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Why Hybrid Cloud Monitoring Is Essential for Your Entire Network

Regular monitoring of IT resources is part of day-to-day operations in large and medium-sized companies. But even many smaller firms appreciate the advantages of monitoring system usage, open memory space, accessibility, and quality of service. After all, IT would prefer not to have to hear from users that components have broken down, even in these fairly manageable environments. One such "proactivity" that is often sworn by is said to promise smooth processing, wherein, for example, the administrator knows days in advance that hardware space is running low.

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Do You Know How to Avoid These 12 Network Issues before They Occur? (Hint: You Really Should!)

Many common network issues can be minimized or avoided altogether with a mixture of proactive monitoring, anticipating problems and planned recovery strategies.

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The 3 Levels of Phishing and How You Can Convince Your Colleagues Not to Become Prey

Back in the day, all it took to lure someone into emptying their pockets was an email from a Nigerian prince. Today, scammers are having a much harder time as people are used to these kinds of emails and most of them land unopened in their spam folder. But don't be deceived, scammers are more active than ever and even keener on tricking you into giving them valuable, personal information by posing as a trustworthy source. This tactic is known as phishing and it has proven to be very successful. So year after year, they up the ante, adding new variations here and there. Let's go over the three levels of phishing.

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How To Prepare for an On-Camera Interview: What I Learned From a TV Professional

I have been lucky enough to give a number of interviews over the years. Lucky because, if someone decides you are worth listening to enough that they put you in front of a camera, you either really are worth listening to, or you just happen to work for the right company and they think you are! Either way, it's a real privilege and I hope there has been, in my case, at least a mixture of both. 

Most interviews have been relatively unprepared and spontaneous, but my most recent rendition was different. Firstly, it was with Business Reporter, an offshoot of the Daily Telegraph newspaper. With a daily circulation of over 460,000, the Daily Telegraph is the most read "broadsheet" newspaper in the UK and 6th overall. As such, the pressure was on to deliver in a way I hadn't experienced before. And secondly, there was a very structured, highly detailed preparation process.

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