PRTG - Sensor count (EN)

Transcript - PRTG Network Monitor Sensor Count

To decide which PRTG license to purchase you need to know how many sensors you will probably need. On average most customers use between five and sensors per device but this depends very much on your individual monitoring requirements.

We strongly recommend running a trial version of PRTG which will give you a much better indication of how many sensors you need. In your PRTG you can then see how many sensors are currently configured in one of two places.
First in the devices view there's a list of all the sensors in the system and at the end of the list you can see the total. In my PRTG for example there are 901 sensors configured.
The second place you can see the total number sensors is in the setup menu on the PRTG status page. In the section database objects you can see the number of sensors here.

If you need to upgrade to a larger PRTG license later, we offer an easy upgrade path. You can upgrade an existing PRTG license to any higher license by just paying the price difference.