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Getting Started with Sensors


Основы мониторинга с PRTG


Getting Started with Installing and Configuring PRTG


Эффективное масштабирование PRTG

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Heather Pacan

Systems Engineer
Philadelphia, North America

"I have worked in infrastructure for almost 20 years and Paessler allows me the opportunity to assist other system engineers to support and optimize their environment. In my free time I enjoy being a karate mom, dance classes and making wine."

Brett Gray

Senior PreSales Manager
Nuremberg, Germany

"I’m a technology enthusiast with wide-ranging experience in Customer Experience and Information Technology environments. My specialities include: Solution Design, Enterprise Architecture, CX Consultation, Process Analysis and IT Service Management. My interests include running, cycling and drinking the occasional German beer "

Greg Ross

Systems Engineer
Boston, North America

"I have had the privilege of implementing, administering, and supporting IT systems and services across a variety of industries. When I'm not busy being a husband and father of 3, I enjoy obstacle running, weight lifting and good barbecue."