The Paessler support team has recorded some videos to help
you start monitor your network with PRTG.

The topics cover installation and auto-discovery, setting up notifications, and background
information on using remote probes in distributed networks.



PRTG Quick Overview (EN)

Get a first impression of PRTG Network Monitor and see how easy it is to monitor your entire network. Helps also for a quick start if you are a new user.

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PRTG - Smart Setup

This video shows how to install PRTG Network Monitor and how to configure the software to track bandwidth, network traffic, and to monitor network devices.

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PRTG Tutorial - Creating maps (EN)

PRTG Tutorial - How to create maps in PRTG

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Reporting Basics

PRTG includes a reporting engine for ad-hoc as well as scheduled report generation in HTML, PDF, CSV, and XML format. In this video, we show you how to use the out-of-the-box reports provided by PRTG, and how to set up your own custom reports.

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Simplify your day with PRTG (EN)

Monitor your entire IT infrastructure with PRTG Network Monitor. You have full insight into your network and its performance, to ensure that all business critical components of your IT infrastructure are running smoothly, with 100% uptime.

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PRTG - Windows Sensors (EN)

Heather shows you how to use SNMP and WMI sensors to monitor Windows with PRTG.

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VMware Sensors (EN)

Heather takes you through the PRTG VMware Sensors, and shows you how to monitor the ESXi Host, the virtual guests, and the ESX datastores.

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PRTG - Autodiscovery-Groups (EN)

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use autodiscovery groups and device templates.

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DICOM-Sensor (EN)

Shaun explains how you can use the DICOM Sensor in PRTG to monitor healthcare IT environments.

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HL7-Sensor (EN)

In healthcare IT, a lot of information is communicated using HL7. In this video, Shaun shows you how the HL7 Sensor in PRTG.

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PRTG - Libraries (EN)

Learn how to set up your own libraries wihtin the network monitoring solution PRTG Network Monitor to get additional customized views of your devive tree.

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Distributed monitoring with PRTG (EN)

This animation video describes how PRTG Network Monitor monitors your local network as well as remote networks using different types of probes.

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PRTG video tutorial: AutoUpdate (EN)

Auto-update for PRTG Network Monitor: As soon as a new version of PRTG is available, the admin user gets an email and can update his version.

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PRTG for iOS - Tutorial (EN)

This tutorial shows you how easily you can manage your PRTG installation with our PRTG for iOS app. You can even monitor your network when you are on the go!

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PRTG for Android - Tutorial (EN)

This tutorial shows you how easily you can manage your PRTG installation with PRTG for Android app. You can even monitor your network when you are on the go!

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PRTG - Syslog Receiver (EN)

Learn in our video how to create and configure a Syslog Receiver sensor in PRTG Network Monitor and see how easily you can manage and filter these messages.

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PRTG - Ticketing system (EN)

Have a look at our ticketing system inside PRTG Network Monitor and learn how to manage information about issues and tasks while monitoring your network.

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PRTG - Web server monitoring (EN)

Learn more about webserver network monitoring: Several different HTTP sensors help you to check the content and correct functioning of your websites

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PRTG - Bandwidth monitoring with SNMP and WMI (EN)

This video gives you a great overview about bandwidth monitoring with SNMP and WMI with Paesslers network monitoring solution PRTG Network Monitor.

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PRTG - Bandwidth monitoring with Flows and Packet Sniffing (EN)

In this tutorial you get to know everything about bandwidth monitoring with flows and paket sniffing with PRTG Network Monitor.

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PRTG for Android - Watch App (EN)

This Video shows you now a new feature for its Android app: PRTG for Android Wear allows you to respond to down sensors directly from your smartwatch.

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PRTG administration tool (EN)

This video explains the PRTG Administration Tool, and its configuration possibilities during the installation like for web servers, clusters etc.

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PRTG - SNMP debugging (EN)

You want to learn what to do when you have problems with SNMP sensors? See what settings to consider and how to use the SNMP Test Tool for debugging.

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PRTG - SNMP basics (EN)

Watch our tutorial and you will get a short introduction to SNMP and all SNMP based sensors in PRTG. At the end you will be able to set up a SNMP sensor.

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PRTG - SNMP custom and library sensor (EN)

Here you will learn how to import MIB files into PRTG and how to use the OIDs in those MIB files to create SNMP custom and library sensors.

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PRTG - How to set up a PRTG cluster (EN)

We will explain in this Video what you need to consider up front and how to set up a PRTG cluster with two servers: one master and one failover server.

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PRTG - Sensor count (EN)

Watch our video and lern more about your sensors, how many you have configured in your PRTG and learn how easy it is to upgrade your license.

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PRTG - Use cases for notifications (EN)

This video shows you some practical examples of how to use notifications in PRTG Network Monitor. We prepared a few use cases for you so you can see it in use.

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PRTG - Notifications (EN)

This video answers your questions about notifications in PRTG Network Monitor: why you need them, what types exist, to whom you can send them and much more.

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PRTG - Factory Sensor (EN)

In this video, you'll learn about situations where a Factory Sensor is useful, and how to create one, step-by-step. This sensor can help you monitor complex processes by combining the results from several sensors into a single, composite sensor.

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PRTG - What is a sensor? (EN)

What, exactly, is a "sensor" within PRTG? What is a "channel"? This video discusses PRTG sensors and channels, including a few concrete examples of both, to illustrate this fundamental PRTG concept

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PRTG - Sensor states (EN)

PRTG sensors can have multiple states, including up, down, warning and several others. In this video, we explain the different states that are possible, what situations lead to those states, and how to view a list of sensors in each state.

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PRTG - Bandwidth monitoring methods (EN)

Here´s a very brief overview of the methods PRTG offers for monitoring bandwidth, to help you decide which methods you´d like to investigate in more detail.

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PRTG - License and Maintenance (EN)

Not sure which PRTG license you have? Or how much maintenance you still have remaining? This video demonstrates how to look up your license and maintenance status, both inside PRTG and inside Paessler´s customer service center.

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Support Ticket (EN)

Do you have a question about PRTG or need help with an issue? This video shows the different ways you can contact our support team to get the answers for which you are looking.

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PRTG version numbers and release channels (EN)

What do the parts of a PRTG version number mean? And what’s a canary release? This video explains how PRTG version numbers work, and describes the three software release channels Paessler offers.

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How to edit the device tree (EN)

PRTG Network Monitor has a hierarchical structure of probes, groups, devices and sensors, called the device tree. PRTG’s auto-discovery process will create a tree and group devices according to device type, such as network devices, servers, storage, etc.

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How to set channel limits (EN)

In this video, you’re going to learn how to configure channel limits in PRTG. The channel limits are the upper and lower threshold limits, where you would like your sensors to go into warning or error state, so you can get a notification when something goes wrong.

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When does a sensor change state in PRTG? (EN)

PRTG sensors can have multiple states, including up, down, warning and several others. In this video, we explain the different states that are possible, what situations lead to those states, and how to view a list of sensors in each state.

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How to add a sensor manually (EN)

Wondering how you can add a sensor in your PRTG installation? Learn all about the three methods in this video.

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PRTG installation for Gude appliances (EN)

In this video we show you how to set-up monitoring of temparatures and PDUs with Gude appliance and PRTG. PDUs enable you to ensure the distribution of electric power to your data center. Gude offer appliances to measure environmental values like the temperature of your server room.

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PRTG - Extending maps (EN)

We expand our map from the "Create Maps" Video. You'll learn how to visualize firewall traffic, expand the map, add weather data from an external source and how to devide the map visually into different areas. Learn all there is to know about maps and create a dynamic overview of your IT infrastructure.

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Overview of the PRTG user interface (EN)

Use the PRTG web interface as default interface to set up your monitoring and bring it to perfection.

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How does PRTG scale? (EN)

In this short video, I would like to talk about how PRTG scales. If you are planning a large installation, or want to scale and speed up your existing installation this is just the right video for you.

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Monitoring a Sigfox Device (EN)

Sigfox technology enables objects and devices to connect to a global IoT network. If you have Sigfox devices sending data to the Sigfox Cloud, you can monitor the devices using PRTG. We explain how in this video.

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Business-Process Sensor (EN)

You can monitor not only uptime, but also entire workflows in your healthcare IT infrastructure using PRTG. Shaun shows you how PRTG uses business process sensors to monitor all the aspects of a radiology workflow.

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