PRTG video tutorial: AutoUpdate (EN)

Transcript - Autoupdate

The PRTG auto-update feature makes it easier for you to download new software versions as they become available, to keep your PRTG server up-to-date.

To configure auto-update, go to SETUP/AUTO-UPDATE Freeware and trial customers can update to the latest version of PRTG at any time. Commercial users need to have an active maintenance contract to download updates. If you need to extend your commercial maintenance, you can do this in our online shop.

In the Status Tab, you can see
The status of your maintenance contract - The most recent log message from the auto-update function - The version that's currently installed - The release channel that's selected - The latest version that's available from Paessler, - And the latest version that has already been downloaded
Before we go any further, let's look at the release channels that are available.

Paessler uses a continuous roll out model, so that you, our customers, can receive new features and bug fixes as soon as they're available, rather than having to wait for the next release cycle. To ensure high quality releases, Paessler uses three release channels, which you can see if you switch to the "SETTINGS" tab.

The Stable release channel is the one we recommend for productive environments. It has passed all of our internal quality assurance testing.
The Preview channel is available so that you have access to new features or bug fixes before they've made it into the stable version. The preview version has passed through our basic quality assurance testing, but the full testing suite is not yet complete. We recommend the preview releases for your own test labs, but not for your productive servers.

And the third channel, canary, includes the very newest releases, but it has only gone through minimal testing. We produce a new canary version every night as part of our development teams nightly builds. We recommend very strongly against using canary releases in production, but you're welcome to have a copy of our canary release for your test lab if you'd like to test new features immediately.
In this settings tab, you can select which release channel you'd like to use for the auto-update function.

Here, you can also control PRTG's behaviour for when a new release is available. You can have PRTG automatically download and install new versions, or you can have PRTG download the new version and notify you that it's available. Or you can only alert the administrator, without downloading anything, and the admin can download manually later.

Please note that the PRTG must have Internet access for the auto-update function to work. If the server needs to go over a proxy to get to the internet, please check your proxy settings, under SETUP/ SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION/ CORE AND PROBES. If you're using a proxy server, please enter the server name, port and credentials here. - Click OPEN THE PROXY SETTINGS

If your PRTG server does not have internet access, you can still upgrade, of course, but you will need to download the new version manually from our website or from your customer service portal page.

Let's go back to the status tab now...
Here you can see the new releases that are available.
To see if a new release is available but not yet downloaded, click on "Check for latest update and download"
Click and see what happens. 

Before you install a new version, please take a few minutes to read the release notes, which are available here and on our website.
When you install a new version, your existing configuration and data are saved.
Once you have a version downloaded that you'd like to install, just click on „INSTALL UPDATE", and the installation will begin.
Please be aware that the update will reboot the PRTG server, if necessary, so only update when a server restart would be okay.
Accept the license terms and continue.

PRTG will return to the login screen when the update is finished, and you can see that the new version has been installed.
If you have remote probes connected to your core server, or if you're running a PRTG cluster, then the remote probes or cluster nodes will now be updated automatically.
Your update is now complete!

If you have any questions about the auto-update function, or anything else in PRTG, please feel free to contact us at any time.